Ladies and Gents

I said I’d put up a ‘mini’ review of Marchen on my next post, but the album had me hooked. I mean, it’d been 2 weeks since I started listening to it I forgot all about it. Anyway, it was a funny story when I found out someone had posted the link on ARM. It was morning on the day of my exams. I browsed for a little while before leaving the house and I saw it. I begged my mother to let me download it and put it on my iPod shuffle. I told her I was desperate. She told me I’d be desperately late. Well, yes I was late, but my statistics professor wouldn’t be there after 15 more minutes after I arrived.

The last week was pretty much tiring. My birthday went by like a breeze. I only had two guests. Three technically but she wasn’t able to come with us to videoke. My mother thought I didn’t need a grand celebration since she doesn’t have that much money to begin with. Of course I was envious of some of the girls who had celebrated their 18th birthday the past year. I didn’t have that much friends so what’s the point. Thanks anyway.

Happy new year.


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