binaria – Nachtflug


binaria – Nachtflug

Lyrics: Annabel
Composition: Yanagi Nagi
Arrangement: Yoshihisa Nagao

薄い夜を纏う 遠い地平の上
usui yoru wo matou tooi chihei no ue
沈む土に光る 希薄過ぎる国境 (ライン)
shizumu tsuchi ni hikaru kihaku sugiru rain

koe no nagareru kazashimo ni tachi
(miokuru hito no zawameki sae yasashii no wa)
mou kore ga saigo dakara
(dakara hitomi toji sora wo matta)

わたしの心が 祈りがまた
watashi no kokoro ga inori ga mata
chiisana juuryoku ni tsubure sou ni naru kedo
atsui kumo wo kugurinuke ta toki
(夢見た場所 きっとそこへ帰る 空へ)
(yumemita basho kitto soko he kaeru sora he)

恐れ抱いたままで 空へ昇っていく
osore daita mama de sora he nobotte iku
シグナルは止まない 夜明け前の世界
shigunaru ha yama nai yoake mae no sekai

hate shinai kouya no saki ni mo
(dareka no ibuki mitsu kerareru hazu darou)
tomoru chiisana machi akari
(akari no kazu dake tomoru kodoku)

wasurete shimatta namae wo mata
hitotsuzutsu hiroi atsume
生まれたての朝 掻き分けてく
umaretateno asa kakiwake teku
(ずっと 鳴り止まない 心向かうままに)
(zutto nari toma nai kokoro mukau mama ni)
飛び立つまでの 自分を捨てて
tobitatsu made no jibun wo sutete

わたしの心が 祈りがまた
watashi no kokoro ga inori ga mata
chiisana juuryoku ni tsubure sou ni naru kedo
mitsukete hoshii
降り立つまでの ほんの少し
ori tatsu made no honno sukoshi
(夢見た場所 きっとそこへ帰る ために)
(yumemita basho kitto soko he kaeru tame ni)
sora he

Lines in parentheses are Annabel’s though there are parts that she sings not enclosed in them.

The World – HP DJ

This phrase was the one that struck me most from this doujinshi. I actually read it a while back, but I forgot where it was from, so tonight I thought of reading the doujinshi again. Then that phrase came up. I couldn’t hold back my tears for some reason. Anyway, here it is:

“I wanted to hold your left hand.

My left hand was in my pocket. Your left hand was holding a small flower. Even so, the reason why I reached out with my right hand was because I wanted to hold your left hand.”

“The truth is, I wanted to feel your warmth by holding the hand closer to your heart.”


I’m in my final weeks of summer vacation so that means it’s almost time to say hello to junior college life. Not really looking forward to it. I’m gonna miss the freedom I had till now. I’m not ready to grow up yet to be honest. Still, I’m not as childish as I seemed like I was back then.

Anyway, what did I do this summer break? Lessee, my grandparents went to Australia on the last week of March, so I had the house pretty much all day when mom’s at work. I refuse to go out of the house unaccompanied, so I let down my best friend and I’s usual summer movie date. I guess it’s because I dont really like the movie she wants to watch. First week of April my aunt and her family arrived from Australia to have a vacation, but mostly to have their teeth fixed. We went to Ace Water Spa, and I actually enjoyed it. Second week of April we went to Boracay and stayed for 3 days while they were there for 2 weeks. I dont know why you have to stay on that island for so long. There’s nothing much to see, just another beach. Boracay is beautiful to be honest, but I’m not that impressed. So I summarized it in a tweet last time: My 3 days in Boracay: The sun, the sand, the sea, the seaweeds and the smell of liquid detergent in the sheets.

I dont think I have anything else to add to that for now. Nothing great happened during this May anyway. Well, maybe except that May 21 was supposed to be doomsday, but meh. Only idiots would believe a prediction like that. Nobody will ever be able to tell when the end of the world will come.

And with that, I bid you adieu.

melodies memories

Here it is, complete with scans:

melodies memories(320k)