Mikuni Shimokawa ASIAN LOVERS LIVE 2011 in Taipei feat. Ceui

Mikuni Shimokawa had a concert in Taipei as part of her Asian Lovers tour last December 18. This time with Ceui! The connections Sound Horizon gives you, huh? I wish she’d go to the Philippines next. Gawd, I’d order a ticket right away. Of course, the same goes for the other artists I love. Anyway, here’s the setlist:

01. tomorrow (下川みくに)
02. Alone (下川みくに)
03. それが、愛でしょう (下川みくに) – Sore ga, Ai deshou?
04. 枯れない花 (下川みくに) – Karenai Hana
05. 夢の途中で (下川みくに) – Yume no Tochuu de
06. 君がいるから (下川みくに) – Kimi ga iru kara
07. 神々の詩 (Ceui) – Kamigami no Uta
08. Angelus (Ceui)
09. 不思議の国のセイ子 (Ceui) – Fushigi no Kuni Sei ko
10. Stardust Melodia (Ceui)
11. espacio (Ceui)
12. Last Inferno (Ceui)
13. センティフォリア (下川みくに & Ceui) – Centifolia
14. Energy (Ceui)
15. mellow melody (Ceui)
16. プリズム (Ceui) – Prism
17. Love Song on the Radio (合唱)(下川みくに & Ceui)
18. 南風 (下川みくに) – Minami Kaze
19. イ〜じゃナイ!? (下川みくに) – Ii Janai!?
20. もう一度君に会いたい (合唱)(下川みくに) – Mou Ichido Kimi ni Aitai

21. ライオン (下川みくに & Ceui) – LION
22. 創聖のアクエリオン (下川みくに & Ceui) – Sousei no Aquarion
23. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town[日文版] (下川みくに & Ceui)

Thoughts: Can’t say I actually know all the songs. Especially the encore ones. But of course I know the VERY last one. 😛 Christmas is just around the corner after all. Anyhow, Love Song on the Radio with Ceui. Now, that’s something I want to see.