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This phrase was the one that struck me most from this doujinshi. I actually read it a while back, but I forgot where it was from, so tonight I thought of reading the doujinshi again. Then that phrase came up. I couldn’t hold back my tears for some reason. Anyway, here it is:

“I wanted to hold your left hand.

My left hand was in my pocket. Your left hand was holding a small flower. Even so, the reason why I reached out with my right hand was because I wanted to hold your left hand.”

“The truth is, I wanted to feel your warmth by holding the hand closer to your heart.”


I’m in my final weeks of summer vacation so that means it’s almost time to say hello to junior college life. Not really looking forward to it. I’m gonna miss the freedom I had till now. I’m not ready to grow up yet to be honest. Still, I’m not as childish as I seemed like I was back then.

Anyway, what did I do this summer break? Lessee, my grandparents went to Australia on the last week of March, so I had the house pretty much all day when mom’s at work. I refuse to go out of the house unaccompanied, so I let down my best friend and I’s usual summer movie date. I guess it’s because I dont really like the movie she wants to watch. First week of April my aunt and her family arrived from Australia to have a vacation, but mostly to have their teeth fixed. We went to Ace Water Spa, and I actually enjoyed it. Second week of April we went to Boracay and stayed for 3 days while they were there for 2 weeks. I dont know why you have to stay on that island for so long. There’s nothing much to see, just another beach. Boracay is beautiful to be honest, but I’m not that impressed. So I summarized it in a tweet last time: My 3 days in Boracay: The sun, the sand, the sea, the seaweeds and the smell of liquid detergent in the sheets.

I dont think I have anything else to add to that for now. Nothing great happened during this May anyway. Well, maybe except that May 21 was supposed to be doomsday, but meh. Only idiots would believe a prediction like that. Nobody will ever be able to tell when the end of the world will come.

And with that, I bid you adieu.

In the end

At times like this, the only person I can truly rely on is myself.

Ladies and Gents

I said I’d put up a ‘mini’ review of Marchen on my next post, but the album had me hooked. I mean, it’d been 2 weeks since I started listening to it I forgot all about it. Anyway, it was a funny story when I found out someone had posted the link on ARM. It was morning on the day of my exams. I browsed for a little while before leaving the house and I saw it. I begged my mother to let me download it and put it on my iPod shuffle. I told her I was desperate. She told me I’d be desperately late. Well, yes I was late, but my statistics professor wouldn’t be there after 15 more minutes after I arrived.

The last week was pretty much tiring. My birthday went by like a breeze. I only had two guests. Three technically but she wasn’t able to come with us to videoke. My mother thought I didn’t need a grand celebration since she doesn’t have that much money to begin with. Of course I was envious of some of the girls who had celebrated their 18th birthday the past year. I didn’t have that much friends so what’s the point. Thanks anyway.

Happy new year.


Time Management

…is what I need most right now. ARGH.

Mom, thank you for bringing me with you to godmother’s wedding. Congrats Ninang Kelay.

…is what I say to lighten up the mood. What I really want to say is…


‘Minsan lang naman.’

I hate that phrase. I dont really know how to translate that but it’s ‘sometimes’ roughly. I dont know. At least you dont have to worry about homework. There are times I’m considering dropping everything, but that wouldn’t be good now would it? ARRRRGH. Need to get out of my slump. I just hate you so much right now.

Moving on.

This isn’t my forte. Oh well. I guess it’s about time anyway. It’s fine to admit defeat every once in a while, don’t you think? And I quote my tweets:

“Its okay. Your girlfriend’s lucky she has you. I bet you pamper her and give her so much love everyday. So hey, who am I to disrupt that? Thanks for coming into my life. Good luck. God bless. Have a nice life.

Goodbye. For now.”

So there. I’ll be fine as long as you’re happy. Thanks for the laughter, the tears and the love. I hope you live a happy life with whoever you’re with right now.

Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won’t reach
My true feelings are just spinning on air, my heart isn’t even saying “I love you”


I’m sorry, but I dont have that. Its just one of the many things I lack. Even as I was writing this in my notebook earlier to put here, the professor’s explaining something. I think it was Statistics class. Ah, I guess this is why people dont like me so much. Maybe I’ll just be lonely for the rest of my life.

Even if everything has been frozen, I will take my sword, and make a pledge.

PS: I think I may also have agnosia.

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