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Happy birthday Yume Suzuki!

Next tour cast list~

The next live tour for Sound Horizon was announced last April 1. Cast list was posted yesterday~ And yays, Shimotsukin will be in it XD And Mikuni Shimokawa~ 83

Here it is, as translated by Defade on the White Crow forums:

1st Invasion of Territorial Reconstruction!

■2011年7月2日(土) Chiba
<Vocals & Voices>KAORI、Kuribayashi Minami、JIMANG、Shimokawa Mikuni、REMI
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Katsumura Ryuichi, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月7日(木) Tokyo
<Vocals & Voices>Ayano Kanami、Inoue Azumi、Joelle、Ceui、MIKI
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Kawai Eiji, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月8日(金) Tokyo
<Vocals & Voices>Inoue Azumi、KAORI、Kuribayashi Minami、YUUKI、RIKKI
<Musician>jake, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Katsumura Ryuichi, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月13日(水) Saitama
<Vocals & Voices>Ayano Kanami、Inoue Azumi、Joelle、Ceui、REMI
<Musician>jake, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Katsumura Ryuichi, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月15日(金) Hokkaido
<Vocals & Voices>Ayano Kanami、Kuribayashi Minami、Shimotsuki Haruka、MIKI、REMI
<Musician>jake, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Katsumura Ryuichi, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月22日(金) Fukuoka
<Vocals & Voices>JIMANG、Shimotsuki Haruka、Ceui、MIKI、RIKKI
<Musician>jake, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Katsumura Ryuichi, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月28日(木) Hiroshima
<Vocals & Voices>Ayano Kanami、Inoue Azumi、Kuribayashi Minami、RIKKI、REMI
<Musician>jake, YUKI, Hasegawa Atsuhi, Katsumura Ryuichi, JUN-JI, Song il Choi

■2011年7月30日(土) Nihigata
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、YUKI、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Kawai Eiji、JUN-JI、Song il Choi

■2011年8月6日(土) Aichi
<Vocals & Voices>Shimokawa Mikuni、Shimotsuki Haruka、Joelle、Ceui、YUUKI
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、jake、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Katsumura Ryuichi、Ken☆Ken、Song il Choi

■2011年8月7日(日) Aichi
<Vocals & Voices>KAORI、Kuribayashi Minami、Shimokawa Mikuni、Joelle、Ceui
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、jake、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Katsumura Ryuichi、Ken☆Ken、Song il Choi

■2011年8月11日(木) Hyougo
<Vocals & Voices>KAORI、Kuribayashi Minami、JIMANG、Shimokawa Mikuni、Shimotsuki Haruka
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、jake、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Katsumura Ryuichi、Ken☆Ken、Song il Choi

■2011年8月12日(金) Hyougo
<Vocals & Voices>JIMANG、Shimokawa Mikuni、Ceui、MIKI、YUUKI
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、jake、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Katsumura Ryuichi、Ken☆Ken、Song il Choi

■2011年8月14日(日) Tochigi
<Vocals & Voices>JIMANG、Shimotsuki Haruka、Joelle、Ceui、YUUKI
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、jake、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Katsumura Ryuichi、Ken☆Ken、Song il Choi

■2011年8月19日(金) Shizuoka
<Vocals & Voices>Kuribayashi Minami、Shimotsuki Haruka、Joelle、MIKI、REMI
<Musician>Nishiyama Takeshi、jake、Hasegawa Atsuhi、Katsumura Ryuichi、Ken☆Ken、Song il Choi
■Vocals & Voices

Ayano Kanami
Inoue Azumi
Kuribayashi Minami
Shimotsuki Haruka
Shimokawa Mikuni

Ones that look alike but aren’t exactly him…(aka Revo characters)


Ike Nelson
Ohtsuka Akio


Guitars:jake、Nishiyama Takeshi, YUKI
Bass:Atsuhi Hasegawa
Keyboards:Ryuichi Katsumata、Kawai Eiji
Violin:Song il Choi

Manipulator:Akihiro Tabuchi

Like I said in a tweet from last night: 8/6 has the best cast list ever. All my favorite singers on the same stage~ Shimotsukin and MiQ please sing something together. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sit in a corner and pray for a DVD release.




No release date for the DVD yet. I’m not sure if I’m going to preorder. My mother would never let me :[

Thoughts on Märchen

So, I’ve finally listened to all of the tracks. Lack of Yuuki and Kaori doesn’t bother me since I’m not a big fan of them. Lack of Shimotsukin? Well, I guess it’s fine since she was busy with her own stuff. This was supposed to be put up 2 months ago, but meh. Anyways.

I like how all the tracks have the melodies of Christmas songs. Tis the season! Revo, you are an angel sent from above. I love all the singers though I think I was only paying attention to Mikuni Shimokawa at first. I love the theme, twisted fairy tales and the like. I still have to listen more to it before I change favorites. I still love Moira of course, but Märchen doesn’t really use the backing choir that often. Though now I see that they use the choir when the girls are singing of their revenge.

I’ll do my review song by song. I’ll comment on the singers too while I’m at it.

“Now, sing for me…”

1. 宵闇の唄 / Yoiyami no Uta / The Song of Dusk

“Now, come back once you’ve died a noble death.”

Opening track. This starts after 彼女が魔女になった理由 / The Reason Why She Became Witch. Long narration is long, but Sascha did a great job. It’s good that Revo found a native speaker for the German parts. No offense, but his pronunciations aren’t really… well he is Japanese after all. I can’t blame him. The countdown from 7 to 0 is a little to repetitive.

On the singers: Revo has improved, no doubt. He had effects done to his voice throughout the whole album even while he was talking. The album could do well without Miku, but meh. Saki Fujita’s voice annoys the hell out of me. I just hope there’s no more Vocaloid in 8th Story. Including Ode to Joy was genius. I loved all the girls.

On the arrangement: Complex instrumentals. It wouldn’t be Sound Horizon without them though. For once, Atsushi is audible. I mean, seriously, the bass is always drowned out by the other instruments.

On the plot: Basically an introduction. One thing I noted along the way: ELISE IS SOFAKING ANNOYING.

2. 火刑の魔女 / Kakei no Majo / The Witch at the Stake

“Völlerei [Gluttony]”

Second track is about a nun who was killed by her mother on an inverted cross. The flute kind of threw it off at the beginning. All in all though, it was nice. An arrangement from Hikari to Yami where Elise asks Märchen some questions(i.e. “How come all the villagers died a long time ago?”) plays whenever the revenge is to be exacted.Each track after Yoiyami starts with bell ringing and a narration by Märchen asking the girls “how they crossed the border.” Then later on as the revenge begins, a choir backs up the singers. Or at least that’s my observation. Also, Revo incorporated the 7 deadly sins as well and it seems that the number 7 has been incorporated with revenge as well.

Singers: Kanami Ayano is one of the new additions to the SH Kingdom or as they call it, Revo’s Harem. She seems like a spiritual successor to Ayaka Naitou because of her soprano voice. She’s really not that bad when you think about it. After listening to the track a few more times, I came to appreciate the song and her voice. MIKI played the mother, and she really has improved since Moira. On this track we also have children singing. Sayumi Kobayashi and Kazuki Kiriyama play Hansel and Gretel. Yup, Hansel and Gretel from the fairytale.

Plot: Like I said earlier, Nun is killed by her mother on an inverted cross. Before that though it was all happy happy times, then the mother is driven by hunger and kills her daughter. Hansel and Gretel show up later on and find the house and the mother who is now changed by the incident. She gets killed by the kids later on as the Nun’s revenge.

3. 黒き女将の宿 / Kuroki Okami no Yado / The Dark Landlady’s Inn

“Geiz [Greed]”

One of my favorite songs. Mainly because REMI sings it. I had no idea she sang it the first time I listened to it actually. Another thing that bugs me, how can she sing while she’s hanged? In the live I mean… Also, a choir of children accompanies REMI in her revenge.

Singers: REMI. YES. I looked for her track as soon as I downloaded the album. I got thrown off until someone pointed out that she was using her normal voice. Gawd, Revo. How many years did it take you to write a song using REMI’s normal voice? Anyway, I love her here. Her normal voice fits the petite woman she is(despite her age). Jimang. My lawd. Jimang was the landlady. Yes. He was. It was like comic relief. I couldn’t stop giggling the first time I heard him sing. I heard he was ‘fabulous’ in the live. Complete with huge breasts.

Plot: As I’ve read from the international forums, the fairytale is Man from the Gallows. I don’t know much from the Grimm brothers since I only know the Disney adaptations. Anyway, REMI plays a girl who works as a waitress(?) at the inn. Then later on the landlady runs out of food to serve and kills the girl and takes her liver to serve to the customers. Buranko comes back and kills the landlady as her revenge. I’m not really sure if she takes her liver too…

4 . 硝子の棺で眠る姫君 / Garasu no Hitsugi de Nemuru Himegimi / The Girl That Sleeps in the Coffin of Glass (08:31)

“Neid [Envy]”

I had a hard time appreciating this song mainly because Tomoyo Kurosawa sings it. Yup, the same Tomoyo who plays Misia in the Moira lives. I don’t have anything against her, it’s just her voice got a bit annoying…

Singers: From what I’ve read on the net, Tomoyo isn’t known for singing, but for acting. She’s just a kid so her voice hasn’t matured that much yet. My complaint is her screams. Especially when Snow White’s being chased by the hunter. Gawd, it just isn’t cute for me. Her laugh at the end was, and I quote myself, “SOFAKING ANNOYING.” MIKI is back on this track to play the Queen/Stepmother. Her evil laugh. I love it. Jimang as the mirror and the hunter. Not much to say about him here. And now…


LOL, I couldn’t help it. I just had to do it. Yume Suzuki ♥ I wouldn’t mind having a prince with his– err, her voice. Yup, she’s female alright! Reminded me a lot of Mitsuki Saiga~ I wonder why Heika didn’t consider her. Well anyways, it’s kind of weird to cast a female for a male role, dont you think? My reaction the first time I heard her voice as the prince: I CAME. My inner fangirl wouldn’t stop giggling. And I was on the way to school when I first listened to this too.

Plot: Snow White is the fairytale of this track. The real, darker version, not the Disney adapted one. The prince seems to like dead females rather than living ones as his reaction at the end when the queen was to dance to death while wearing flaming boots.

5. 生と死を別つ境界の古井戸 / Sei to Shi wo Wakatsu Kyoukai no Furuido / The Old and Unused Well of the Boundary That Separates Life and Death

“Trägheit [Sloth]”

The song with the longest title in the whole album. Another track that I came to love. I actually thought the singer was Mikuni Shimokawa but I stand corrected. I haven’t listened to anything from Ceui yet, so I didn’t know. Anyway, I loved the pop-rock mood in this song. Someone from pixiv pointed out that Furuido = Freud. I wonder if that means anything.

Singers: I enjoyed Ceui’s voice. Considering I mistook her for Shimokawa the first time. Anyway, I heard that the songs she usually sings are ballad-y ones. I’m glad Revo was able to make her sing such an upbeat song like this. I hope to hear more from her like this. MIKI plays the Stepmother once more and Chinatsu Ishii as the little sister. Azumi Inoue plays Mother Holle. Märchen and Elise were the bread and apples 8D More comic relief! It was really cute though~

Plot: The fairytale is Mother Holle if it wasn’t obvious enough. I think the only part that was different was the revenge, how the pitch never came off the little sister.

It’s been speculated that Idoko might be Idolfried Ehrenberg’s daughter because:
1. Her father died falling into a well. Idolfreet fell into a well and died.
2. Her father was a seaman. Idolfreet was a seaman as well.
3. They both have blonde hair I guess.

6. 薔薇の塔で眠る姫君 / Bara no Tou de Nemuru Himegimi / The Princess Sleeping in the Tower of Roses

“Hochmut [Pride]”

The first song after Yoiyami no Uta I looked for was this. It’s not as if I knew who the singer was, I still had to guess of course. This track is a favorite for me because I loved the arrangement, the strings and the flute at the end. The prince enters with the same arrangement from the first Nemuri Himegimi song, the difference is that Nobara-hime sings a small part then back to the prince.

Singers: I’m bias, yes, but hearing Mikuni Shimokawa was going to be in Sound Horizon. Wow. She’s been one of my favorite singers as far as I can remember. Then to have her join Sound Horizon. Gawd, it was like a dream come true. Anyway, she portrayed Sleeping Beauty well in my opinion. It was a bit pitchy in some places, but good nonetheless. MIKI is back as Alte-Rose, the witch cursing the princess to die by pricking her finger with a spindle. She was fabulous here, no doubt. I heard she was blonde and had a red hood on in the live. Her evil laugh, I luff. Yush. Azumi Inoue plays Aprikose, the good witch that fights the curse with another spell. I love the part where they face off. Yume Suzuki is back to play Tettere Ouji~ Omaigosh. I swooned. I squeeled. I giggled like crazy. Especially at the end where he says ‘Itadakimasu.’ 8″D

Plot: Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite fairytales. Now have Revo make it into a song, and it makes it all greater. Of course, like I said earlier, this is based off the real, darker version, not the Disney adapted one. So at one point, after the prince has his ‘meal’, the revenge is exacted and Alte-Rose is driven out of the kingdom, only to curse Nobara-hime once more: She would abandon her newborn baby in the forest.

Speculations say that:
1. Nobara-hime is Lafrenze’s mother. Yup, the same Lafrenze from Elysion.
2. Alte-Rose is actually Crimson Old Rose.

7. 青き伯爵の城 / Aoki Hakashaku no Shiro / The Blue Marquis’ Castle

“Wollust [Lust]”

After Märchen’s narration, this track opens with maniacal laughter from Bluebeard. The theme here is lust, so there were a lot of screams and sound effects for killing and such. This particular song had me baffled the first time I listened to it since I was trying to figure out what was going on. I loved the synthesizers, how it fitted whenever Bluebeard was killing his wives.

Singers: I almost mistook Minami Kuribayashi for being Mikuni Shimokawa in this track. She plays Bluebeard’s 6th wife I think. South-chan had improved since Moira. Her voice seems less shrill. And that scream. Whoa. It sent chills down my spine. Next up, we have mister Bluebeard himself, Akio Otsuka. I’ve heard him sing in a Kyo Kara Maou image album, and it wasn’t really that bad. I liked the character he played on there so I guess it was prejudicial of me. On Sanhora, he’s always only been for narration and other character voices. I’m glad Revo finally had him sing a part and brought him out of the closet. I love his evil laugh. Yes.

Plot: I don’t really know Bluebeard’s story, but here he kills all his wives because he said he wouldn’t forgive them for convicting someone as a witch. Speculations say that this may be Therese. Anyway, the last wife had her two brothers kill him as the revenge.

8. 磔刑の聖女 / Haritsuke no Seijo / The Cruxified Saint

“Zorn [Wrath]”

The tearjerker in the whole album. Of course I didn’t cry the first time I heard this since I didn’t know what was going on… but after listening to it while reading the translations and with fanart from pixiv depicting what happened in the live, the tears came. The track opens with a male choir before Elisabeth starts singing. It had a jazzy part, I think partly because that was Joelle’s main genre. I loved the strings and the piano at the end while she was speaking. The same melody from Torikago was also used.

Singers: Joelle. My Gawd. Joelle. I think I just fell in love with you. I hesitated in listening to Torikago the first time, but after a few times, I fell in love. Especially now with Haritsuke. It’s difficult to find her works outside of Sanhora mainly because she’s not that well-known yet. I hope SH gave her enough publicity to be recognized. After Märchen, I hope she participates in Sanhora’s future albums.

Plot: I heard that this track wasn’t fairytale based because it was about Elisabeth and März, but later on in the international forum, they said it was partly based on Die heilige Frau Kummernis. According to Wikipedia it seems to be based on the legend of Saint Wilgefortis. This picks up after Torikago where someone tells Elisabeth that she’s being called by her father. A twist in the story says that her father is actually her older brother. Talk about incest. Anyway, he tells her that she is being proposed to, but declines the offer because she has no intention of being married to anyone. She goes of and talks about how she goes to März’s grave and plants flowers and such. Later on his father/elder brother orders her crucifixion. Märchen comes along and offers her revenge, but she declines. A recollection of their past then she says that he became like that just to keep his promise.

I regret nothing
Ah, this is my life
I’m not a daughter of noble lineage (von Wettin) or one of the 7 possible marquis’ daughters (von Sachsen)
I’m just a lone woman
Who simply loves only you…

I’m just Elisabeth…

A live report I read says that Elisabeth hugs Märchen as she sings her last line.

Before the track ends, we have Elise complaining to Märchen, telling him that he shouldn’t listen to her, and that they should continue like they’ve always been, exacting revenge for others and that it would be their own revenge. Märchen ignores her then her true yandere self reveals itself. She screams as Märchen rids of her.

“Mou, iin da yo. Elize… [That’s enough… Elise…]”

9. 暁光の唄 / Gyoukou no Uta / The Song of Dawn

The resolution track of the whole album as this is the last. Märchen takes the spotlight once more.

Singers: Revo still has the effects on his voice(I dont know what it’s called, so sue me). Like I said earlier, he improved, but it could be better of course.

Plot: The ending. Everyone’s happy and smiling in the live in this track from what I’ve read in reports. At the end, we hear Märchen drop the book.

“Mutti, hikari attakai ne. [Mother… The light is so warm…]”

And so, that’s it. Phew, I guess that was my first review ever. It’s still pretty bad for an amateur since I’m not too knowledgeable about music.

Matta ne~

Sound Horizon 7th Story「Märchen」 Leaked

As the title says, it was leaked 5 days earlier of it’s release. 128 kbps only, but quality is pretty nice.

limited edition



Credit to aet. from the White Crow, Sound Horizon International forum who credited someone from Kyo Music City.

My next post will contain a mini review of it since I dont really understand anything yet unfortunately. I’ll listen to it a few more times before writing anything~

Ohh, happy days~ XD



I came so many times after listening to it the first time D: LOL. I wouldn’t mind listening to this over and over before the CD is released ‘ u ‘ Hee-hee~ Revo-heika, you have outdone yourself this time. Get some rest though!

7th Story~

Sound Horizon’s 7th Story entitled “Märchen” is the long awaited major album to be released on the 15th of December!

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
Special digipack + Illustration book-like booklet + External deluxe case

Regular Edition
Regular Edition
Normal case + Normal booklet

Cast List:
Märchen von Friedhof
Kanami Ayano
Kazuki Kiriyama
Sayumi Kobayashi
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Yume Suzuki
Azumi Inoue
Chinatsu Ishii
Mikuni Shimokawa
Minami Kuribayashi
Akio Otsuka
Miku Hatsune

Stimmen/Voice Actors
Idolfried Ehrenberg
Nobuo Tobita
Miyuki Sawashiro
Asuka Tanii
Toru Okawa
Yuichi Nakamura
Saki Fujita

Probable song titles from the exceptional site
The Song of Dawn
The Cruxified Saint
The Blue Marquis’ Castle
The Girl That Sleeps in the Tower of Roses
The Old and Unused Well of the Boundary That Separates Life and Death
The Girl That Sleeps in the Coffin of Glass
The Dark Landlady’s Inn
The Witch at the Stake
The Song of Dusk

My thoughts on this:

Looks like a lot of Grimm Fairy Tales references. The covers make you remember the Elysion and ABYSS covers It’s a shame Haruka Shimotsuki wont be in the album, but it’s alright for me since she is busy with her own work. The good thing is Joelle, MIKI and REMI are returning. Also, Mikuni Shimokawa is joining them. It’s like a dream come true for me! ❤ I got annoyed at some people since they cant accept the fact that YUUKI and KAORI wont be in it. Make room for change people. Besides, its not as if they wont be coming back. Look at me, I'm a Shimotsukin fan and I'm handling it well. Or maybe it's just because I'm waiting for her concert… 😛 Haha, now that I mention that, I hope there will be another DVD release for her birthday concert!